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Thursday, September 13, 2012

VOLT: Top Chef's Top Restaurants

Some of you may no know this, but I adore the show Top Chef. I feel as though you should know this due to my over zealous foodie nature. Two weekends ago, along with my foodie partner in crime, we were fortunate enough to get reservations to Top Chef runner up Bryan Voltaggio. This was only made more exciting when I saw him prepping pork as I sauntered into the bathroom. This was wicked exciting and I squeeled to myself as the bathroom slid closed while Bryan went to town on the pork loin. We locked eyes............

The food at VOLT was true to the work I saw on Top Chef. It was simple, clean, innovative, not pretentious and more importantly, delicious. Now is the point where I can describe the way the food tasted or I can let the imaged speak for themselves.

I do both, so don't worry.

Breadsticks dusted with fennel pollen....I didn't know fennel had pollen....silly SriVani

BEER & a fancy fruity drink I didn't drink.....

The aperitif of foir gras and celery something....I didn't hate the celery which is surprising. You almost expected this to be like a mousse but instead it was like a meringue. It had an outer crunch that then dissolved on your tongue.  

Rosemary bun served by the nice bread lady

Kampachi with ginger, green apple & chive. Clean, fresh and delightful. I was even able to bear the fact that it was adorned with celery leaves

Blue crab with cucumber, green mango, and coriander. This was also a clean fresh appetizer but they definitely didn't use the traditional green mango. As someone who has had a many a green mango, this was certainly just a regular ripe mango. 

Ravioli with garlic scapes, marcona almond, goat cheese. This was oh so delightful. The filling was luscious and smooth without weighing down the taste buds. I have never had homemade pasta before and this was unforgettably forgettable. Meaning the pasta did not define the dish but merely added to it by being light, and perfectly chewy.

Lobster omelet with oyster mushrooms and asparagus. I will be honest, this dish was the least favorite served to us. While the omelet was cooked to perfection, light and fluffy. The dish itself was good, but what is really lacked was more sauce and lobster. For such a high end restaurant, I expected more lobster with my omelet. Perhaps it is my belief that, if Panera can overload my sandwich with lobster, then Volt should be able to too. Maybe it's the Masshole in me screaming for more lobster.....Anyways, the potato was also quite yummy. None of the potatoes were undercooking, a massive pet peeve of mine, but wee a bit oily. 

Damn shadows....
Halibut with asparagus, hen egg yolk, caper. To quote Neil Diamond, "so good, so good, so good!" The fish was cooked exactly the way it should be cooked, my fork should be able to peel off layers of the fish with one effortless stroke. Also, the concept of shaved asparagus was exciting in it of itself. I don't think I will be able to look at vegetable peelings the same way again.....

Lamb with farro, chimichurri, maroon carrots. Now I didn't have the lamb, but I did have the farrow and the carrots. First off, I had the carrots...if you know me (chances are if you are reading this you are probably my sister and therefore do know me) I don't like carrots. However, these carrots were wonderful. They were tender and slightly sweet. They still tasted like a carrot, but maybe the fact that they were maroon made them most appealing.....The farro was even better. This hearty grain was dressed with chimichurri. I don't know what this seasoning should taste like, but it was filled with coriander and it made me happy. 

This isn't found on the website for some reason so I shall do my best to remember this dish. It was almond cake with apple butter and apple ice cream? It was a very fall appropriate dish. It wasn't my favorite just because I am not a huge apple person, but it was still delightful.

Chocolate marshmallow, caramel, peanut......I would have licked the plate if that was socially acceptable, but it's not so I didn't. But it was damn good. 

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